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Genevieve Belcher

Virtual Communications & Operations Manager



Improving office operations since 2001

Genevieve Belcher

Virtual Communications and Operations Manager

I am a seasoned office administrator, project manager, and media specialist.  With 20 years' experience in office operations, I have gained a wealth of experience in organizational skills, computer skills, client service, and relationship management.  In my previous positions, I have always quickly become the "go-to person" whom the entire office relied upon for accurate information and help with troubleshooting many topics from procedure flow to computer issues.  I have been managing my husband's construction business for four years, through which I've gained experience in light bookkeeping, tax considerations, marketing, and more.

In addition to office operations, I have more than 10 years' experience in multimedia, including video production, documentary film, photography, photo editing, marketing, brand identity, and social media management.  I am a graduate of New England Institute of Technology’s Video and Audio Production program, where I completed an internship at WLWC-TV (CW 28/

I also hold an Associate in Arts degree from Community College of Rhode Island, where I focused on a psychology concentration.  This training has helped me significantly in understanding marketing concepts and consumer behavior, which made me successful in overseeing marketing and communications in my most recent position in the financial services industry.

In my most recent venture, I have been working on a documentary film, Mill Town, which is a personal project that tells the history of the town of West Warwick, RI.  I also worked with Director Patti Cassidy in producing Uproar in Pawtucket: The Story of Fanny the Elephant as producer, marketing manager, and social media manager.


Gen Belcher was referred to me when I expressed interest in re-doing my website.  My previous website design experience was mostly virtual and rather unsatisfying – I wasn’t given many suggestions for “what works.”  

I was pleased that Gen agreed to come to my house, to work on my computer, to show me her recommendations to upgrade my site.  She creatively presented ideas that worked with the nature of my business as well as within my budget.  As a sole proprietor consultant, I do not need all the “bells and whistles” that she could offer, and she was amenable to design a look that was well thought-out, organized and designed for customer-friendly use.  She knows “what’s’ out there” and how to incorporate looks and content into a seamless package.

I would recommend Gen Belcher to anyone who is thinking of creating or re-designing their on-line presence.

Renee E. Bucklin 

Bucklin Human & Administrative Resources

Genevieve took an understaffed operations department and made it her own.  She developed protocols, procedures, and a training program to make sure all positions had adequate coverage.

William Tuttle

Conanicut Brewing, LLC


Genevieve was a godsend working with me on my documentaries in RI.  She kept things on track and on time and even after the films were done, she made sure they continued getting to the right audiences.  I can't recommend her organizational skills highly enough.

Patti Cassidy 

Producer, Writer, Filmmaker


For two years I had the pleasure of working with Genevieve at LIN TV.  She was responsible for my training and made sure to share all of her knowledge of the executive offices with me.  Genevieve is highly organized and has an excellent attention to detail and handled her responsibility of supporting three high-level executives very well; always remaining calm and efficient while balancing their hectic schedules.

Loren Gaines

Executive Assistant